What we do

What does Shine for Thomas Foundation do?

Through the tragic loss of their young son Tom, Trudy and Andrew Olive realised that there was so very little known about the genetic makeup and circumstances that had lead to the sudden onset and rapid, fatal deterioration of Tom's condition.  They felt helplessness and grief that they and the medical fraternity had been unequipped and unable to identify and curb the early symptoms that turned out to be warning signs.  

They became determined to find answers and to help prevent this happening to other children.  Trudy and Andrew resolved to increase awareness, so other parents and carers have a chance to recognise the early signs of rhabdomyolysis and save their children's lives. 

This resolve formed the basis of what the Shine for Thomas Foundation does.


Objects of Shine for Thomas Foundation

  1. Create awareness in respect to children's life threatening and/or life long illnesses relating to muscle disorders
  2. Arrange for all necessary research to be carried out
  3. Provide assistance for families and children who are suffering from those illnesses and/or medical conditions referred to in part 1. above
  4. Make representations to the appropriate Government departments for funding where applicable.
  5. Make representations to the appropriate Government departments in relation to the way in which treatment can be better achieved for children with life threatening illnesses and/or medical conditions.
  6. Focus on illnesses in respect of children that have no strong support base for funding.