CHILDREN with Rhabdomyolysis LPIN1 Gene, connected through Shine for Thomas Foundation

These children, in Australia and world-wide, living and lost, have been gathered on this page as a special dedication to the families touched by the genetic condition Rhabdomyolysis LPIN1 Gene.  Click on their picture to read their story.  Help Shine for Thomas Foundation to help save lives of children like these.

CHILDREN in Australia

These children in Austalia have Rhabdomyolysis and have been connected to this page through the Shine for Thomas Foundation.   Click on their picture to read their story.  Please donate to help Shine for Thomas Foundation save more lives like these children.

Thomas Andrew Olive
Tom & FrameSmall

Ellie VacherElle Vacher with Frame

Tommy DeanThomas Dean with Frame

Rebecca VacherRebecca Vacher with frame

Hudson StokesHudson Stokes with Frame

Sarah Rose OliveSarah Rose in Frame Resized

CHILDREN Across the World

These children from outside Australia have Rhabdomyolysis LPIN1 Gene and been connected to this dedication page through the Shine for Thomas Foundation.  Please donate and help the Shine for Thomas Foundation continue to save other children like these.

Rylan Cole Fowler RYLAND with Frame

Joshua Sanchez-BurllingameJoshua

jackson USA with frame copy

Jeremiah Sanchez-BurlingameJeremiah