Hudson Stokes Story

Hudson StokesHudson, Page Boy in his special mobility aid.



October 2010 - Hudson was just 2 years old, a healthy and happy little boy. He went to bed on the 4th October completely fine and woke up the next morning unable to weight bear or talk. He eventually couldn't sit up by himself.

I rushed him to hospital and by this stage he was so weak that he spent 4 hours there, while doctors tried to figure out what was wrong. They knew he had high potassium, after speaking with Royal Children's Hospital, they decided to come and get him and take him there.  Ten minutes after the RCH team came to transfer Hudson, he had a cardiac arrest, and they were performing CPR for over 2 and a half hours.  

Hudson was transferred to RCH and put on life support - they told us he had rhabdomyolysis, so he then went on dialysis to try and flush it. Hudson was so very sick that we were unsure what brain damage he had, or if he would make it through the night, but he did - he truly is a miracle.

Six weeks later it was confirmed that Hudson had LPIN1. Hudson has had another episode in April 2012.   He went off his food, but was still drinking apple juice- this clearly was not enough. He woke again in the morning and I knew he was having rhabdomyolysis, dry nappy, he started to slur his words. The ambulance rushed him to RCH where he was put into an induced coma and dialysis. He was still as sick and weak this time round, but thankfully his heart was fine.

Hudson is still having rehab at home now - he is crawling again but isn't walking. Fasting and sickness are the biggest concern for LPIN1 sufferers, along with over exercising.

Simone Stokes (Hudson’s mother)