Sarah Rose’s Story by Trudy

Sarah Rose Page Portrait

Sarah Rose Olive, Aged 3.
Sarah survives through Tom's legacy.



I didn't even know I was pregnant with Sarah when Tom passed away.  Sarah Rose grew inside me as Tom's loss enveloped us, and the tragedy of the circumstances unfolded.  She arrived soon after the LPIN1 Gene was identified, and urgent blood tests confirmed our worst fears, that Sarah Rose carried the double mutated gene LPIN1, just as Tom had.


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437060-olive-family courier MailSarah-Rose with her family.   A picture of health and happiness.

LPIN1 Media featuring Sarah-Rose's 1st Birthday.courier Mail article May 2012 (Small)Click on the image to go to the story:  Courier Mail May 17 2012.

The Olivers raffle draw


Sarah Rose aged 1, with Trudy, Andy and Laura at a fundraising event involving Australia Zoo