Toms LillyPilly

LITTLE TOM LILLY PILLY Released August 2014

After Tom died, Andrew, a wholesale nursery owner-operator, developed this beautiful Lilly Pilly in honour of his beloved son whose death still seems so unnecessary.  The lovely bushy shrub has edible fruit and attracts birds to the garden.  Tom would have loved it too!  

Scroll down to see Tom's gorgeous little sisters at the Little Tom Launch!

A royalty of 25c is attached to every plant label, and 100% of this is donated to the foundation.

Share the information on the plant tag, and help to spread awareness of the warning signs of rhabdomyolysis.  Tom's death will not have been in vain if more parents learn of the warning signs of this condition and more children are saved through these efforts.  You too can help us to save more children's lives.

Tom's LillyPilly Plant Tag

The Little Tom Lilly Pilly plant label.   Released August 2014.


Above: Laura lends a helping hand on Little Tom launch day.
Right: Sarah-Rose has her own way of doing things!
Below: Andrew, Trudy, Laura and Sarah-Rose with their beloved Tom's label, at the launch of Andrew's Little Tom Lilly Pilly at the Gold Coast Spring Green Expo in August.

lilly pilly little tom 4

Tom's LillyPilly Plant Tag Rear

Little Tom Lilly Pilly plant information and Tom's Story.


Media Coverage of Little Tom Lilly Pilly Launch.

Capture GCNews covers  Little Tom Launch

Glasshouse Country News September 17 2014
Click to go to the News, then turn to Page 24.